I am …

… getting fat again. Not really. Last Tuesday I was stupid and walked on scorching hot pavement and got blisters on my feet. That meant no more exercise until they healed. It’s bad enough I was going to miss exercise/workout time because of the hernia repair. Now blisters … This turns out to be a good thing after all. It got me to “relax” those muscles before the surgery. Last Monday (6/25) I hit 220. Today I weigh 223.6 … ugh. Not bad for nearly 2 full weeks of inactivity.

… loved. I was bumming out big time that my yard was looking really crappy. It rained before my surgery so the lawn didn’t get cut. It was beginning to look bad, really bad. Well yesterday my wife got out the lawn tractor and proceeded to cut the grass. Now she did ask how to run it and how to cut and do things, but she did it. She’s only cut grass for me once before and that was when my job sent me to San Francisco for 2 weeks in 1991. It wasn’t done the way I’d do it, and it wasn’t trimmed or edged, but she knew I needed it done. How awesome is that?

Hernia… recovering. I was able to make it through most of the day without anything for pain. I still need an ice-pack. I guess a 5″ – 6″ incision is pretty big. At least I think it is. All I know is, it hurts.

… pissed off at Packet8. I’m thinking I am going to call up Embarq and get my land line back. I thought we had worked out some of the voice quality issues but I’m still having them. On top of that Dish Network is billing me $5 extra a month because my receiver is not “phoning home”. I’ve called and explained that I’ve switched to a VoIP solution and sometimes it will let the receiver dial out, sometimes it won’t. I’m going to call TimeWarner and see if their VoIP solution will allow my receiver to dial out. From what I’ve been reading it’s an issue. Without hacking my DTA there is little chance P8 will fix it. I checked Embarq’s website and if I “bundle” my home phone and Dish I can save $5 a month on the satellite bill. AND their basic home plan is now $29.95 (plus taxes) instead of the $39 I was paying when I left. So unless TimeWarner’s VoIP works with my satellite receivers I am going back to a land line.

.. full of topics to discuss today. I’ll have to keep them in mind for tomorrow.



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2 responses to “I am …

  1. Alicia

    OUCH! That looks painful!

  2. It was … but as of today, I’m relatively pain free.

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