I want my land line back …

I can admit when I am wrong. I’ve been doing it a lot lately. Packet8 is good, but not ready for prime-time. I have had P8 since 2004 as a second phone line. And it’s done really well as a second line. But as a primary line that is in use all the time … not gonna cut it in this house. I think my wife was born with a phone in her hand. There were a total of 490 calls to/from our home phone in the month of June. The shortest call was 4 seconds, the longest was 95 minutes. That doesn’t count the calls to and from cell phones because the P8 line was horked up. Average call time was just over 10 minutes on the P8 line. My firewall has shown a huge jump in network traffic with the majority of it being on the P8 line.

So what’s the problem with P8? Cal quality. I worked with their tech support for several hours spanning several days trying this configuration or that as well as swapping out my wireless router and the Packet8 DTA310 for a BPG510 (newest P8 hardware). I’ve tried setting up the P8 device in the DMZ and letting all traffic hit it, I’ve tried using the BPG510’s built-in router to balance voice and data traffic … nothing has worked. It may be tied to a crappy internet connection, but I doubt it since I’m pulling down 6MB and have an upload spead of 384KB. I test my connections regularly. The biggest reason I say it’s their problem is this. As soon as I reset the device, things work great for about 2 days. I don’t want to reboot the equipment every other day. What if I’m not around? Can wife do it? Can my girls? The other issue, since making the swap, has been a TimeWarner thing. We’ve had more Internet outages in the last month than the last 2 years put together. Yeah, VOIP is a great idea. And when it works it’s great. But right now, P8 sucks.

I called Embarq yesterday. Talked with a customer service rep. I got the $29.95 basic home package. I am paying P8 $24.95 plus tax. Not sure what the fees and taxes will be with Embarq, but as far as I’m conserned they are worth that after the last month. Charlene has switched back someone else earlier in the day from TimeWarner’s digital phone service. So I guess I’m not the only one having issues. If it’s working for you, I say great! Keep it. But for us .. (my wife mostly) it’s gotta go!


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