Back to work

Surgery was a week ago today. In all it’s not been too bad. I’ve not pushed myself to get back to normal. I think I’ve listened to my body and made decisions based on how I feel. I worked from home yesterday and took nothing for pain all day. I paid for it yesterday evening, but I feel fine today. So I’m at work. No pain meds. No ice pack. Just need to take it easy and not move around much. Nice thing here at work is there are no stairs to get to the bathroom. At home I had to take the stairs any time I needed a restroom. Unless I was in bed, then I just used the master bathroom.

After surgery I slept. I slept almost all day Friday. I slept most of Saturday as well. Missed out on our town’s Independence Day Celebration. And from what I could hear the fireworks sounded great. Wife said I missed a good show. Sunday I was up and about. Was able to take off the bandages and get a shower. It was nice getting up and moving to some place other than the restroom. I had breakfast in the kitchen, and I even had visitors, but mostly spent the time in bed. Monday I was up and about more. I set my alarm and woke up at 6am. Got my shower. Had breakfast. Then sat/reclined on the living room sofa. Logged into work with my laptop and started catching up on emails. After an hour or so I took my meds and went back to bed.

Tuesday I was up and about even more.That’s the day Wife cut the grass. I went out a couple times to check on her and offer pointers. Especially on the side yard which has a hill. I wanted her to be careful. I kept an ice pack with me most of the day. And used my meds as needed. I was feeling well enough to go out for dinner. So we went to Red Robin. They have great burgers! Then we went home and I went back to the couch with an ice pack and a pain pill. And I missed out on Kings Island’s celebration and fireworks as well.

As a matter of fact I missed all the July 4th hoopla! Let’s see, on the 4th I went to my in-laws’ and did some visiting. We had a mini cookout. Got my hot dogs and beans. I went home to use my ice and a pain pill and tried to make a phone call but had problems with Packet8 again. Ended up switching back to Embarq …

Yesterday I worked from home. Yes, I sit at my desk. Read emails. Work on projects. Update my team’s project status. Check for phone calls on the voice mail at work … No meds. No ice pack. It was a test run to see if I could make it at the office. I passed. I’m in the office this morning. We’ll see how the day goes.


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