Yep. Our yard was TP’ed last night. You know, that fun thing you used to do when you were a kid. Tossing cheap TP into someone’s trees and shrubs and bushes? It meant you either really disliked someone living there (in which case it was a weekly event because other people hated them too) or you had a crush on someone there. I have to tell you this, they were amateurs. I’m guessing it was their first time. I got 4 rolls of TP that did not un-spooled. They were stuck in the trees. I used my pool skimmer net to fish them down. And what’s even better is they used top-of-the-line TP. It was thick, yet soft. I’m guessing Charmin. That made the “mess” very easy to clean out of the trees, shrubs and yard. There were a couple places it did stick .. the pine tree and the lilac bush but it came down from everywhere else. Someone’s mom is gonna be pissed that all of her TP is gone. My guess is they used a single, 6 double-roll package. I have 4 rolls in the garage that never un-spooled ..or they did just a little.

I thought about it on the way in and a picture would have been nice … but I had already cleaned it up. Maybe next time. Yeah there will most likely be a next time. I thought it was comical. And I took it as a compliment. Someone cares that much about me or someone in my family to let us know we are thought of … either in a positive or negative way … 🙂


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