We had a great service at church today. I think everyone gets something different our of God’s messages to us. Today I took away a better understanding of hope. There have been studies conducted on survivors of prison camps, torture victims and prisoners of war. Those who survived, and survived with minimal impact on their physical and mental health all had one thing in common. Hope. Hope of a husband or wife at home. Family at home … hope that God would intervene.

I started thinking about it. And wondered where I’d be if I didn’t have hope.  I have hope for my kids and for their futures. I have hope for a long life with my wife. I have hope that when I leave this world I’ll be with God and in heaven. I have hope because, no matter what I encounter I know that God’s given me the ability to deal with
it. I have hope because I have God’s Word.

I’m not trying to beat a religious drum .. I just realize now how lucky I am to have the life I have and to be filled with hope.

Now, if I could just get the winning lottery numbers …


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