Leaky pool hoses

I’ve had folks ask about leaky pool hoses. I’ve had them. I’ve hated them. I don’t have them anymore. There are two solutions to the leaky pool hose problem (well there four but two of them are either tacky or look bad). The pool hoses you got with your pool are okay to use for about 2 years. After that they fall apart. The chlorine going through the inside of the vinyl and the sun beating down on it day after day will weaken the hoses and cause them to split, either on a seam or between the ridges. Yes, vinyl breaks down when exposed to UV rays and chlorine.

The cheap, tacky, bad looking methods are something you can do right away with little cost. You need to protect the hoses from the sun. First solution is wrapping them in duct tape. Yep it looks bad. But it works. The other option is to build a covering over your pump and hoses. The easiest way to do that is with a tarp. Again, tacky but cheap but not perfect. The real solutions involve time and money. The best solution is to “hard plumb” the lines. This takes time, money and knowledge of plumbing with PVC pipe. The other solution is buy the thickest, nylon weave reinforced hoses possible. That’s what I did. I went to Lowes and bought the Clear-Line HP reinforced vinyl hose. I bought 20 feet of it. It’s nearly impossible to cut unless you are using a saw or hot-knife The walls of the hose are nearly a quarter inch thick, it’s flexible enough to route just about anywhere and it’s durable. My hoses are 4 years old and still going strong.


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