Excuse me, do you stock time?

Because I need to buy some! I can never find enough time to get anything done … ever. I guess if I really took a firm stand, made a plan and told everyone “No, I don’t have time for you” I might get things done.

My wife’s cousin got married this weekend. My girls were a part of the wedding. They were the greeters at the wedding, passing out programs and giving directions. Then at the reception they manned the guest book and helped people get to their assigned tables. Like I said, not a big part of the wedding.

On Friday, I did manage to get one thing started right after work. But even that was interrupted. My aunt and uncle were coming to visit my dad and they wanted to stop by on their way to his house. They stayed until we had to leave. You know … I hate starting a project and not finishing. Because I know how things go … I’ll be interrupted and not get back to the project and it will sit half done. I could site several dozen examples …

Saturday I got up early to finish what I started on Friday after work. And it didn’t get done because I had to stop. I needed to cut mine and Wife’s grandmother’s lawns. I got the lawns cut (didn’t have time to trim them). Hurried home, cleaned up and got dressed for the wedding. We had to be there an hour early for the girls to be ready for arriving guests. Got there at 5:30 and didn’t get home until 11:45. Sunday I slept in until 7am. Got up went down stairs to try and finish my project from Friday. Had to stop at 9am to get ready for church. Went to church (actually got to go with youngest daughter to her worship instead of attending regular services). OhioGuy was one of the leaders during her worship. And I have to admit, he was great! He really gets into it. I don’t think the kids got all the references to some of the characters he played, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. After church we did the usual shopping trip for groceries (got that done). Looked for Time at the SuperWally and they were completely out. They told be it might be on the next truck. Got home around 1:30. Sat on the couch for a bit talking to D1 and fell asleep. Didn’t have enough time to get my nap out because Wife came in the door and said we were running late getting to a visitation. I didn’t know we had to go to one. I got up, got changed and we left. Didn’t get back home until almost 6pm.

Last Tuesday my neighbor had asked me to cut his lawn on Sunday if he had not gotten it cut by then. He’s been working a lot and didn’t know if he’d have time. I cut his lawn and thought … ok I have time to finish my computer project I started on Friday. Wrong. I got the mower put away and Wife wanted to know if I wanted to go out to dinner with her, the girls and my in-laws. We had to return some videos to Hollywood Video and I needed to make a return to the SuperWally (did you know Lays Light chips are made with Olestra? do you know what Olestra does to your digestive tract? Yeah there is a whole list of side effects). Nothing worse than buying the wrong thing when you thought you were doing something right. So I made the return and left everyone in the car to decide where we were going to eat. Nope, they didn’t have that worked out when we left home. So after I made the return I went to buy some Jelly Bellies but they didn’t have any. Had to settle for a box of Good & Plenty. By the time I got to the car a decision had been made. Which is good because if there was no decision I was going to have to make it and it would not have been a good one.

Maybe tonight I’ll finish my Friday project ….


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