What is sexy?

What do you find sexy? Is it the lack of clothes? Is it certain types of clothes? Is it a body part? Is it a smell or a taste? Could it be a look or a whisper or the sound of a voice? Is music sexy? Can Justin really bring it back?

For me it’s a look my wife gives me. Sometimes it’s the clothes she’s wearing or even just knowing what she’s wearing underneath the clothes. I think my wife is sexy. Now granted I’m biased. And I realize it, but I need to share this.

Guys I think you will be with me on this one … think back to when you were in high school. Remember the hottest girls? They were untouchable … unless you had money, looks or were a popular jock. I didn’t have any of that. I hated jocks. Not because they were athletic, I played recreational sports (not for the school) so I was athletic. It was what they represented. I had money, but I busted butt for it delivering papers, cutting grass and working at a movie theater. I didn’t have a car. I got to drive the family station wagon, a 1976 Impala. And being freakishly tall I was not what you would consider “good looking”. Most girls didn’t like it. Or at least the girls I liked didn’t like it. There were a few and they were “odd” as well. I never fit it. Oh man did this digress … remember the girls that we never ever thought about asking out for fear of rejection? Yeah .. the ones who would not only tell you no, but they would then go to their friends and spread the word that you asked her out. Then everyone knew you asked her out AND got shot down. Everyone would rub it in. It only took two experiences like that and I learned to never really ask anyone out. So my junior and senior years I didn’t date anyone. I went out, but never “stead”. I worked on weekends to avoid it.

So anyways … with that out of the way this is what I needed to share. Yesterday I ran into one of these girls who shot me down, then repeatedly kicked me while down and had all her friends do the same. She’s freaking huge!!! I was floored. Right now I weigh 25 pounds more than I did when I graduated from high school. And I am so glad I’ve lost the 70+ pounds. Because I look more like my senior picture now than I have for years … decades even. So she recognized me, but to be honest I didn’t recognize her. She said I have not changed much at all since school. So it’s a good thing she didn’t see me 70 pounds ago. She still looked pretty, but it’s that “fat girl pretty”. We played catch-up for a bit and I honestly had to go home, find my yearbook and look her up. Then I spent the next hour laughing out loud and to myself.

So yesterday afternoon I came to the realization that what makes someone sexy is how you feel about them more than what they wear, don’t wear or how they look. My wife is the sexiest woman I know. And seeing this former hot chick made me feel that even more! So in case she’s reading, that’s the reason my wife was showered with praise, love and attention yesterday evening … 😀


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