Back in the groove

I am getting back in the groove. Which one? You name it. Weight lifting. Walking. Soccer. Phone companies. Computer work. Cleaning. Chances are I’m getting back into it.

Yesterday was the first day back in the Y lifting weights. Just upper body stuff at this time. Nothing with my abs, sides, waist or legs. And only 2 sets. I was up up to 3 sets. I used to spend about 50 minutes at the Y. Yesterday was less than 30 minutes. Not complaining, just wishing I’d be back to 100%. With having almost 6 weeks off from the Y I’ve lost some of the strength I gained. Not much, but enough to notice that I had to work harder to lift less weights. I dropped the weights down by 10% just to be on the safe side and not strain anything and it was still more of a workout than I expected. I finished up and was headed out the door in less than 30 minutes. It’s nice to work out when no one is there. 🙂 I was missed too! There were a couple people who asked where I had been. I’m not an outsider there, I’m a regular and I was missed.

Today is another power-walk day. 45 minutes is what I have scheduled. Shadow is in need of some serious exercise. I can tell she’s got energy to burn by how ornery she’s been. Wife has not kept up with her walking schedule. Kids really are equipped to do it. It takes a certain mind set to do it daily. And I have that back now.

Soccer season is upon us again. My team’s first practice is Thursday. I already have whiny parents. Which means I’m going to have whiny kids. I hate whiny kids. I almost said no when I was asked to coach. But, part of me loves coaching. What’s great is more than 1/2 the team is made up of girls I’ve coached before. And they’ve all played together for a couple seasons. As of right now I don’t have any assistant coaches stepping up to help. But we are just starting. We’ll see how things work out tomorrow.

As of 10:07am yesterday I am back to being an Embarq customer. I had too many flukey things going on with the P8 phone line. I’m not going to give up on it. The technology is getting better all the time. It’s almost there. We had developed a great routine for making sure we had good phone service, but to be honest it should not fall to me. It should be my provider’s job. But they don’t care. I guess there is something good about the big land line companies after all. I kept the P8 line and had them re-assign the original phone number. So it’s still there if we need long-distance or a second phone for the girls. And I think that’s what we’ll use it for. It keeps the home line free.

I got a new (used) server to replace my Linux server at home. It’s an Apple Xserve. It’s been reloaded and wiped, just need to finish configuring the web and mail servers. The current server is going to my in-laws to replace their dying PC (I think it’s just dead fan on their CPU).

I cannot stand the clutter anymore. I’ve started to clean. Yep it’s possibly a project that will be derailed many times before completion. But I I am not giving up easily on this one. I want my garage back. I want my computer room back and I want to make room for a darkroom. The plan is this. Clean the trash-able stuff in the garage out first. Then have a yard/garage sale. Then clean out the computer area, exercise area and the 1/2 bath (that’s become a storage room) and trash what should be trashed. Then sell off what can be sold in another yard/garage sale. Then take what doesn’t sell to the thrift store or Goodwill and get the tax credit.

I’ve even got back into using my Jigglin’ George. I wasn’t using it after my surgery … was afraid it may irritate the hernia repair. It didn’t bother the hernia when I had it, but things are a bit more sensitive when you have surgery.

Lot’s to do, I have the drive and the mind-set. Now it’s just a matter of doing ….


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