Ouch! That smarts!

I finished working on my in-law’s PC Friday after work. Then went back to work configuring my new server. I wrapped up the configuration Saturday morning. Cut grass for wife’s grandma on Saturday (no work on Sunday). Went home and cleaned up, went to the in-law’s for pizza and installed the new PC at my in-law’s. Sunday I got up with a sinus headache and just didn’t feel good. I went to work on the in-law’s old PC trying to figure out why it was just locking up. Turns out it was a virus/spyware/malware/something … as soon as I hooked it up to the network at home it would lock up. If I kept it off the network it would work just fine. I didn’t even want to invest time investigating. I reformatted the hard drive and reloaded Windoze on it and install all their software. I’m thinking I’ll put their original PC back in place and pull out the one I just gave them. I’ll reconfigure it for the girls to use at the in-law’s that way they aren’t mucking up in-law’s PC.

Sunday I started in on my yard … Well I really started with taking the riding mower apart and servicing it. 145 hours of run time. Oil and filter change were due in 5 more hours figured I’d do it when I had time. I pulled the deck off and cleaned our two years of caked on grass from underneath. Power-washed the underside. Then got out the wire brush attachment for my drill and hand.jpgcleaned out any rust. Then hit it with a light coat of black spray paint. Pulled the blades and sharpened them. Cleaned the air cleaner and replaced the air filter. Lubed the chassis. Put it all back together and cut the lawn. Then I used the weed whacker and trimmed everything. I got tired of looking at the grass growing over my sidewalk so I started to edge it .. by hand .. with an ax and shovel. And that’s how I got this … It hurts. Yeah, my own fault for not wearing work gloves. Stupid shovel gave me the blister. really ticked me off too because I was only 2/3 of the way done across the front. Had to stop, get a bandage and find my gloves to finish .. now I have just the side yard to do (which is longer). Now I remember why I hate corner lots.


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