Back in the groove – Part 2

Last week went well with exercising. Lifted 3 times. Walked (power walking) 3 times. Blah blah blah …

What it exciting to me was this. I ran yesterday. Yeah, I know. I’m not supposed to run yet. But dagnabbit I was on the treadmill at home and the pace just felt too slow .. power walking is not a natural form of walking. Who really walks that way. Personally I think it’s harder than running. Well yesterday I bumped the treadmill up to 5mph with a 4% incline, and i ran. Not a full stride run, not a jog. I kept it at that moderate pace for 15 minutes. At first it was hard. I was getting winded. But something clicked and my breathing regulated and it felt right. The pace was good. I slipped back into it just like I had not taken any time off. I moved the pace up to 5.5mph and stayed there for another 10 then dropped down to 4mph to finish out my hour of cardio. It was good run again …

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