More work piles up

Now that my weekend on-call is over I can get back to making a dent in the piled up chores. My garage is a wreck. I’m embarrassed to even open my garage door. It’s turned into a storage facility and I hate it. My goal is this … clean the garage by end of August. I’ve set the goal! Now I have to make myself do it. I think I will chronicle this one with photos. I think my neighbors will be pleased to see it cleaned out as well.

I need to finish edging the sidewalks. I started last weekend, got that nasty blister and never got back to it. Perhaps that will be my job this afternoon. It’ll be hot! There is an actual heat advisory out for the Miami Valley. I can understand why too. It was 78o on my way into work this morning. But with the humidity it felt like 89o degrees outside. It’s like a billion percent humidity. You walk outside and instantly sweat. It’s so stinking hot my dog doesn’t even want to go out. She’s been spending all her time either downstairs in her cage or on the kitchen floor.

I bought some edging stones and white landscape rocks to create a nice edging around our deck and a walk-way to the pool deck … 2 years ago. And I need to get that done.

I need to paint the trim around the windows. It’s peeling in places. The shutters all need to be cleaned and repainted. Thankfully I can paint them. Krylon has a new plastic paint that seems to hold up really well. I’m going to give it a try.

The gutter and fascia boards across the front of the house need to be replaced. I did that all across the back of the house and it looked great!! Gutters are now rock solid across the back of the house with new flashing that protects everything! I finished that last summer.

Looks like I’ve got a list and one half … time to get cracking!



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2 responses to “More work piles up

  1. Good luck on the chores. I finally knocked some of my chores off the list today too.
    Man, I should snap a photo of our garage and show you. It IS a storage facility for all of our crap. But it doesn’t really matter because we can’t fit the car or the van in it because of the way it’s situated behind the house. We’d have to take the corner of the house off to pull in or back out (I think it was built for small cars). Therefore, it has become a large storage shed. Our neighbors can’t see it too much so that doesn’t matter either, and I wouldn’t care if it did 😛

    So what’s the temp there today? We also are in heat advisory. It’s 97 here now with a heat index of close to 110. Man I love summer but hate the heat.

    Take care for now 🙂

  2. 103+ with the heat index … needless to say all I did was run on the treadmill for an hour. I looked at the garage. I figure I can setup a fan out there to at least get the air moving. It really wouldn’t be too bad if there was a breeze … but there is nothing. The air almost has a stale smell to it …. and that’s outside … the garage isn’t too bad since it sits in the shade part of the day.

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