How to spend a vacation day

Sometimes you have to take a day off from work to get work done. I took today off from work. Slept in til 6am (yes that’s sleeping in). Woke up and laid in bed for a bit wondering how to spend my day. I rolled over and watched my wife sleep for a bit. Shadow decided to crawl up between Wife and me. I paid her some attention. Rolled over, grabbed a shirt from the floor and check to see if I could get at least a run out of it. It didn’t stink. Grabbed clean socks, my running shoes and ducked out the door. I hit the treadmill and ran 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. My Polar watch said it was 580 calories …. and I had an average heart rate of 130 … maxed at 158. So it was a pretty good run. Ditched all the sweaty clothes and headed upstairs only to remember D1 had company so I went back down and grabbed a towel and went back up to the kitchen. Started a pot of coffee and hit the shower.

Had some breakfast and caught up on my personal emails. Shadow and I went downtown and bought more milk and hit the gas station and bought gas for the mower, edger and weed-whacker. Got home and tossed my running shoes and another pair of athletic shoes in the washer and cleaned them. Yep! It’s amazing how much more usage you can get out of shoes when you maintain them. Washed them im warm water with bleach and lysol disinfectant. They came out smelling clean and looked almost new. Hung them up outside to dry.

Cut the grass and finished edging my yard. It makes the yard look so much nicer when the sidewalks are properly edged. Came in had lunch and cooled off. It was still 92° out there. Humidity wasn’t as bad but it was still hot. Went down to grandma’s and edged her yard and cut her lawn as well.

Got home and worked on the pool a little. It was needing some attention.

Like I said .. sometimes you have to take a vacation day to get some work done.

Tomorrow I’m starting the garage …


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