Geeks … every family has one

And in my family that person is me. In my wife’s family it’s me as well.

How can you tell a geek from an ordinary person? It’s hard to tell from outward appearances so here are some clues …

  1. There are more computers in the house than there are people to use them .. some may be unplugged and unused but serve a purpose and will not be trashed until they can no longer be revived with cheap parts from the local computer shops.
  2. If you have a question they will ask if you “Googled” it before asking them.
  3. They will research everything on a product before making the decision to buy it then enjoy going to the local electronics shop and checking up an how smart the sales person is.
  4. Even their cell phones have built in WiFi to access the internet from “WiFi hot spots”.
  5. They work for a tech company or work in a tech job at their company.
  6. Things work on their systems at home that don’t work in other peoples’ homes.
  7. They can turn lights off an on in their home with a remote control.
  8. They run a web server, mail server and have a firewall installed
  9. They drive older cars that they keep running by reading Haynes repair manuals yet know nothing about auto repair
  10. They will try to fix something that’s broken just to see if they can … they can’t break it any worse than it already is can they?
  11. Everything has a maintenance schedule. And they follow it.
  12. They have more books than they could possibly read.
  13. Everyone in the family asks for the advice of the geek when buying any electronic device.
  14. They know what woot is.
  15. They talk in acronyms.

There are so many tell-tale signs … but these were the ones I could think of for the moment. Feel free to add to the list. Don’t be shy, chances are if you are reading blogs your a geek … 😀

I only bring this up because I spend my weekends fixing other people’s problems. PC issues. Cable TV issues. Satellite TV issues. HDTV issues … you name it. This weekend was one of those weekends. More to come ….



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2 responses to “Geeks … every family has one

  1. Alicia

    Ok, so I thought I was a geek until I read your list. I’m an amateur…

  2. And these are just the things I had off the top of my head … 🙂

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