Busy weekends

I took off Friday last work to start working on my garage. Well it was too hot to work in the garage, but I did get a bunch of yard work done. Yes, it was cooler working out in the yard where there was a breeze. I finished edging my sidewalks. They turned out great! Nothing dresses up a yard like a neatly edged sidewalk. I had to do a little work on the weed whacker. Cut and trimmed the lawn. I ended up edging grandma’s sidewalks, pulled up the weeds growing in her driveway. Cut her lawn as well. I got home and threw a few things out that were in the shed. Plan was to make room in there for the mower. Not gonna work if the kids park their bikes in there.

Saturday was really a bust. All my plans were laid to waste when the wife mentioned she needed me to do things. I guess when she says “What did you have planned for today?” I should just forget everything I have planned and say “Nothing at all dear. What did you need me to do?” But I did get a reward for my good behavior. We went to Mongomery Inn with the girls and the in-laws for dinner. I love their ribs.

Sunday was a bit cooler so I went out to the garage and I threw out most the things I knew were trash. Or at least I threw away the things I could get to. I found a storage bin full of shorts and other summer clothes (of mine) that were way too big (it felt good seeing they were too big). Threw them all away. I freed up some floor and shelf space. I can now move things around and develop the “trash”, “keep” and “sell” piles. I think I might have a yard sale and sell off the things that are still good but I/we never use anymore. But wait .. that might mean more work. Not too sure I want to work that much … but then again … it could be worth it. If I made a couple hundred from it it would be worth it. I guess I need to see what I end up with.

I spent yesterday evening replacing the antenna I put on the in-law’s house for the HDTV reception. The one we put in was just bouncing the signal from 89% to 0% every 20 seconds or so … it was working fine to start but went south some time last week. I was a little ticked off. More at my wife for the way she drops things on me. I was in the middle of watching a soccer match, comes in and starts talking to me. She hates when I interrupt her shows or a football game so I don’t ever do it. I guess I need to impress upon her I feel the same way. She told me her parents were ready to pull out the satellite and the antenna and switch back to cable. I hated to hear that so I went up on the roof and pulled off my directional HDTV antenna and went to the in-laws. I borrowed their neighbor’s ladder and swapped the antennas. I told them they had to choose Dayton or Cincinnati channels. Father in-law wanted Cincy, mother in-law wanted Dayton. Well the antenna mast was a little to short for the Dayton locals so it is Cincy. They ended up getting 3 Dayton channels anyway. I sat there for an hour watching TV to see if there were reception problems. There were none. I hope that fixes the problem. I then hooked up their antenna to my TV .. it worked just fine. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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