Oh no .. it’s back!

Last year I had a rather persistent sinus infection. It took almost 6 months to clear it up. Well it’s back. And it’s my own fault. I was told to keep my sinus cavity moist with a saline nasal spray. I ran out back in May and never bought more. Things were fine. I didn’t need it anymore. WRONG! I needed to keep going. I knew it. I was just lazy.  And now I am paying the price.

But fortunately I am able to address the issue without having to go back for meds and Dr visits. I’m able to get 3 month supplies of prescriptions via mail for the same price of 1 month through the local pharmacy. I had my ENT and the respiratory specialist write the prescriptions the way the insurance company prefers for mail order … that means I got 3 months with 3 refills. That means a years worth of meds. I’ve kept my refills current. I have the exact routine documented (I carry a Franklin Planner and write things like that down). I started “the treatment” last week and have noticed an improvement already.

Yesterday I added something new. Have you ever heard of a Neti Pot? In Sanskrit Jala Neti refers to an ancient yoga cleansing technique which means literally “water cleansing”. Well the Neti Pot is what is used to do the cleansing. A saline solution is warmed to body temperature and then poured through the nasal passages. This morning was day two of nasal irrigation. I’ll admit it’s an odd sensation, but in a way is refreshing. I have to admit that my nasal passages are a little clearer this morning. It could be due to the change in weather, the meds or the irrigation. Either way I’m going to continue the meds and and the irrigation until I’m cleared up.


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