Sometimes Friday just means two working days til Monday

I am an idiot or if you speak geek an ID-10t. Think about it .. you’ll get it.

Where I work we rotate being on-call for our data center. My last rotation started August 4th and ended August 11th. I had forgotten that one of the engineers is pregnant. Well he’s not, his wife is. A month or so ago he mentioned that he needed someone to take his rotation because if the kid didn’t pop on it’s own (they had a strong suspicion it wouldn’t) they were going to induce labor on the 17th. Welllllll .. that’s today. I said I’d cover for him without looking to see when my rotation fell. I don’t mind it. It’s just that things have been ugly here lately and … well … I’m leery. That and I have tickets to the Bengals pre-season game.

The on-call partner I have is going to cover Saturday night (Thanks Mikey!) from 6pm til 11pm while I take D2 to the Bengals game. There’s a lady who used to at our office but she has moved to Colorado. Her and her husband have season tickets to the Bengals. They fly back on occasion to catch games. If she can’t make it, she’ll send the tickets here and ask who wants them. I grabbed them thinking Wife and her dad could go. (I’m not a Bengals fan. Wife is. Father in-law is. D2 is.) Unfortunately Wife’s cousin is having a wedding reception that night so Wife can’t go. Her cousin got married in Florida on the beach and that’s why it’s just a reception. Wife’s aunt would be hurt if she missed the reception for a Bengals game. The reception wasn’t on our calendar, I didn’t know about it, otherwise I would not have grabbed the tickets. I asked if father in-law would take D2 since he’s not a fan of Wife’s cousin (bad blood). BUT … he’s not comfortable driving in Cincy traffic. He said he’d go if Wife was going or if I was going, but he’s not comfortable driving it and being responsible for a kid. So he’s out. D2 really wanted to go so I said I’d take her. I doubt we’ll stay the entire game. We’ll stay long enough to catch the starters playing. I’m thinking we’ll leave 3rd quarter. D2 can’t watch an entire game on TV so I doubt she’ll have the ability desire to sit through a game at the stadium.

Most weekends on-call aren’t bad. But on occasion they can be. I’ve worked 30 hours in a weekend before. I’m hoping for an uneventful weekend.


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