i am spent. there is no other way to describe it. on-call for work was rough. not because there were tons of problems, but because the timing and occurrence of each issue was such that sleep was not possible. to complicate matters we had access issues because our employee portal got new SSL certificates and anyone using a non-standard (read that as OS=Windows and Browser=IE) computer setup you are screwed. i rarely run XP at home. most of the time I am on my Mac or my Xserve running OS X 10.4.10. that’s as far from Windows as Linux is (my other OS). long story short is it took me almost 5 hours to figure out which certificates i needed to download, install and configure on my XP box to connect. in theory (when i grow up i want to live there, theory that is, because everything works there) i should be able to take the same 5 certificates, download them to my Mac, install them and repeat the loading process to get access. wrong .. something is still missing. at the time it was only me experiencing the problem. by 1pm sunday there were several others. the changes were backed out and things restored. the problem is this, the old certificates expire tomorrow. so i have the chance to have things go south again tomorrow.

needless to say i am tired.  my eyelids are heavy … i’m ready for a nap.


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