If it ain’t one thing it’s another

I got home from work Thursday and smelled radiator fluid. I was thinking with the temp hitting 99° and the humidity at 90% it’s possible the car was over heating and dumping fluid through the overflow. I open up the hood only to find I was wrong. It looks like the radiator sprung a leak on its side. I waited for things to cool down and added back in a gallon of water. Drove to work Friday and it did fine. BUT just in case I started looking at what the cost is to replace the radiator. $177 for the radiator. If all the hoses are in good shape I’ll reuse them. If not add about $40 for new hoses. And of course fluid. I’m looking at possibly $240 in parts. I called around and got pricing to have someone do it for me. Are you ready for this? $550 to $700!! If I have any more issues with it this week it looks like I’ll be spending Labor Day weekend working on my car. Not a problem really. I read the Haynes manual and it’s a very straight-forward job. I’m guessing 2 hours of work tops. I should be glad I can read how to do things and just do them on my own. But to be honest I’m not looking forward to it. So I’m talking myself into with the hope that I just might get to buy some new tools! 🙂

Debt-Free-Living update. Paid off 2 bills this month. That adds $45 to my “debt pay-off accelerator”. Not sure if I explained the plan. It’s rather simple. Review your budget. Cut what can be cut. Do we need to eat out 4 days a week? No. How much do I save if I take my lunch to work? $5 to $8 a day? Basically I came up with $105 a month that I could apply to my bills. I took the smallest bill and added the $105 to the minimum payment for that bill. I paid that off in 3 months. I Then had the $105 and $20 from the minimum payment from Bill1. Now I have $125 extra to add to Bill2’s minimum payment. It got paid off and I took that minimum payment added it to the $125 … right now, with paying off those 2 bills and a third one, my accelerator is up to $249.

Just think … with my accelerator at $249, in 4 months that’s almost $1000. In following this plan I had to be tight with things. We cut out a summer vacation to make it work. We had the cruise in April, so it’s not like we didn’t get a vacation this year. But the ultimate outcome is worth it! By doing this for 18 months (that will be next August) I’ll have paid off every credit card, loan, medical bill, etc. As well as paying off Wife’s car 6 months early. At that point I’ll have close to $1500 a month as my accelerator. The last thing to pay off would be our general purpose MC and that would take less than 5 months with the $1500 accelerator. After that is paid off I will have nearly $2000 a month … the decision to apply it to the mortgage or to save it for a new car needs to be made … I can save enough for a new car in 1 year. And pay cash. Who knows … Right now my goal is to get to next August and have no bills except utilities, mortgage, insurance and the one MC. You can’t beat that!!

So taking care of a car that still runs and is 14 years old makes perfect sense. And the savings alone by me doing the work is money in my pocket, not in someone else. I’m saving between $310 and $460! Just by doing it myself.


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