Lazy days

I’m taking a stay at home vacation right now. I’ve slept in until 6am (yes that’s sleeping in) Thursday and Friday. Yet this morning I’m wide awake at 4:30 just like always. I do have breakfast lined up with my accountability partner today. So maybe that’s why I’m not sleeping in.

Thursday I wanted to go out for breakfast with Wife, but after getting the kids off to school we climbed back into bed and cuddled up. Next thing you know … BAM! Shadow’s opened the door and jumped up in the bed between Wife and I. She’s very much certain she’s supposed to be between us. Tail flopping left and right and wet slobbery kisses all over the face insures she’s defused any situation that would have arisen between Wife and I.

We got up and decided to try and get breakfast anyways … well by the time Wife gets cleaned up and puts on her make-up we are approaching 10:30. We decide to head to Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their hand soap sale. (Wife loves their stuff, personally I think most of it stinks except anything with Vanilla in the name) We then decided to do Chipotle for lunch instead of breakfast.

Yesterday went better when it came to getting breakfast. We actually made it there. Afterwards we stopped at the grocery to pick up supplies for covered dishes for a party wife and D1 are attending while D2 and I are at a concert tonight (dodged that bullet!). On the way home we stopped so I could get a hair cut. No buzz-job like last time. Got home and cut grass. Then decided Shadow needed a bath.

Packed her up and headed off to Wash Your Dog. I have to tell you, it’s worth $17 to have someone else cleanup the hair and wash the towels and the tub.  Shedding has been really bad this year. The heat and dry weather have made it a mess for everyone. I swear we left half of Shadow at the store. After we got home Shadow and I hung out on the deck in the sun. I brushed and combed her and pulled out about another dog in hair. And this morning while she’s lying here next to me I’ve noticed how soft her fur is and noticed it’s not coming out in clumps as I scratch her. She’s got to feel better! I know I do with a new haircut.

Maybe I’ll go work out after breakfast .. or maybe I’ll get back to cleaning the garage. And no, it’s now September and my garage is not clean. Maybe by October … at least I’m sticking to my budget!


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