Long holiday weekend

I took last Thursday and Friday off from work. I’ve been in need of a break. And it’s been great! Wife and I went to lunch on Thursday, breakfast on Friday. Ran some errands together. Just got to spend time together.

Saturday Rush was in Cincy. D2 and I went to see the show. It was great! Got to hear a bunch of songs live that have not been played live for 20 years! We had a blast! Got there about 45 minutes early, made it through the security checks and got in line for t-shirts and a tour book. I get a tour book for every show. T-shirts are expensive!!! $30 for a simple screened shirt, $40 for a more elaborate shirt, $50 for the polo style, $70 for sweatshirts and $100 for a baseball jersey. D2’s shirt was $40, the tour book was $20 and I went for the baseball jersey. It’s a nice shirt! Everything is embroidered on, nothing is “printed” or “screened” on the shirt. Now if Rush toured every year I most likely would not have bought the one I bought. I’d have gone for one of the t-shirts. But it’s been almost 5 years since they toured.

Sunday we had two cookouts. One was family. The other was a friend’s. Don’t get me wrong, the family one was ok .. the friend one was great. Tons of things for the kids and a huge range of foods. That was a late night. D1 spent the night at my in-law’s after the friend party. D2 spent the night at her friend’s. Wife and I had a night alone! Wooo hoooo!

Monday D1 and I took off to Kings Island. D2 had a friend come over for the day while D1 and I were gone. D1 and I had a great time. Lines were a little long. This was PKI’s last day for the summer. The park closes down for 3 weeks then opens back up for weekends in October for “Fear Fest” and “Nick or Treat”. During the day is friendly fall stuff for kids and the evening activities are for the teens and up. While we were there we came across a jobs fair … D1 filled out an application and is hoping to get a job for a few weeks in October. It’ll mean someone has to run her down there and pick her up but that not a big deal.

Today is just a day to relax and kick back. No plans. Nothing lined up. Just hang out at the house.


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