Rebuilding a good exercise habit

My hernia and it’s repair have killed my regular exercise routine. Prior to the hernia I was lifting 3 days a week and running 3 or  4 days a week. In June I developed a hernia. I carefully continued to exercise until I had it repaired before the 4th of July (missed the fireworks). I was not allowed to run, walk, jog, lift, twist, bend etc etc etc … By the time I was able to return to normal activities I really didn’t want to get back into exercise. I finally made myself do it and was surprised at the amount of strength I had lost in 2 months of not lifting. I was determined to get it back. That’s a good thing, right? Unless you push too hard. I pushed too hard. I’ve aggravated the repair. It’s been sore. I didn’t tear it (at least I don’t think I did). I’ve been nursing it for almost 2 weeks.

I noticed yesterday it wasn’t hurting. So I did some stretching. That went well. I did the stretching again this morning and I still feel OK. I’ll stretch again after work then head to the Y and do just one set of weights. I promise! I need to do it to rebuild the exercise routine. End of summer is just around the corner. Next thing you know holidays are here. I’m barely holding on to the 218.5 … it crept up over the weekend (2 cookouts with all the desserts you can imagine and tons of pulled BBQ pork …) to 221. And I know it’s because I’m not exercising.

So the plan is this: 5 days a week lifting/running. Tuesday and Thursdays are lift days. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are run days. Saturday is an optional lift day right now because of coaching soccer. My goal is this: Body fat percentage (BFP) down to 13-15%. Currently it’s at 20%. That means without gaining any more muscle I need to shed almost 16 pounds. That will put me at 205. With getting back to lifting there will be some muscle gains so BFP will have to be monitored. I’m guessing that my final weight will be something like 210 – 213.

Deadline to do this? Thanksgiving. That’s 12 weeks. That’s 1.3 pounds per week. That’s doable. That means I need to stick to the 5 day plan then go back to 6 days after soccer ends. Dug my notes out and started back to my optimized weight loss eating schedule with a twist. Eat 5 times a day, breakfast 6am, snack 9am, lunch 11am, snack 3pm dinner 6pm. Protein and fiber are key with complex carbs. Interval training (Cardio) to be done in the AM before my breakfast. Weights to be done after 3pm snack and before dinner. Then walk/jog Shadow for 30 minutes in the evening after dinner but before bed.


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