Been busy!

Wow .. where to start!?

Last week my radiator was leaking again. The can of “stop leak” held out but not long enough. On my way home from work last Thursday I picked up everything I would need to swap out the radiator over the weekend. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost Thursday night. I had to swap it out Friday morning. I had called around to see what different places would charge to do it. $600 is the average price. OUCH! I called around and got the parts together and the total in parts were $201.84. I saved $400 doing it myself. I timed the process and it took me 2 ½ hours. That works out to $160 an hour to replace the radiator. That’s nuts! I could understand if it was a Cadillac, but come on, this is a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am … But having done it, I understand why they charge that much. Would I pay it? No. If someone asked me to do it for them I would charge $400 because I hated doing mine. I still have something going on with the cooling. I know the fan motor is dead, so I need to replace that. That might help. But I have a feeling the pump is going or is gone. I’ll start with the fan …

Saturday and Sunday were soccer days. I’m coaching D2’s team. I always seem to end up coaching. I don’t mind it for the most part. It’s a matter of getting into the grove. I’m there now and I am enjoying it. We won on Saturday and lost on Sunday. The loss was my own fault. I put kids on the field together in defensive positions that I should not have put together. As a result … we blew a 2 to 1 lead. Final score was 3 to 4 … our loss. I have notes on my clipboard reminding me to NOT put the same 3 girls together again. My bad … I’ll own it.

Financial news – Gold is set to break $700 this week It closed at $695.60 on Friday. Silver was up as well and closed at $12.365. Now is the time to buy. This last quarter will be very active in the metals market. Ballooning ARMs are causing thousands of foreclosures across the country. All the folks investing in banks with huge amounts of debt involving home loans are about to loose big time. And what the Federal Reserve loves more than anything is making millions of dollars disappear from our economy over night. It’s their way of punishing America for not following blindly the leadership of this country. Owning silver and gold is the only real investment that you will never loose on. You may pay more for gold or silver one day and the next it’s lower, but the one thing that is certain is it will always rebound. Why? Because it’s real. People recognize the value of gold and silver. I’m working up a blog entry that will, I hope, clearly express why I think you should be trading the fake paper money you get every pay period for silver and gold to protect your future.


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