Hitting walls, growing pains and mistakes

I hit a wall. I am stuck. I have been stuck for weeks. I’m getting discouraged. My weight has been down to 218 and then it creeps back up to 222. And I’ve been pushing it. Running. Lifting. I’m stumped. Time for more research.

D1 is now 15 (and ½ don’t forget the ½). She has her first job interview Friday. It’s temporary work. She’ll be working for Kings Island (if she gets the job) during their Fear Fest in admissions. I hope she gets it! I’m excited for her. I remember my first job. And it sucked, but I was proud to be making my own money. Little did I realize that I had to pay taxes and what I thought was a bunch of money was not really all that much. She’s excited about it. I’m doing what I can to encourage and coach her for the interview. She has a savings account but we are looking to setup a checking account with a Visa debit card to help teach her money management. But we wanted to wait until she gets her first job. That may be as soon as Friday! She’s got her test book for her Driver’s License temps. Scary! Last time she drove a motorized vehicle she hit a tree with my riding mower. it wasn’t pretty. It cost about $100 to fix the mower and now the tree is dying … 🙂 Needless to say we tease her about it all the time. And now I have to cut the tree down. Actually I think disease tool the tree. Sucks too because it’s a hard maple and provided shade for about a third of the back yard.

We had a pretty good weekend with soccer. One win and one loss. The loss was due to coaching error. I’m the coach. My error. I put three girls on defense who have never played on defense together. They are the youngest players and have the least experience. And they made mistakes. And it cost us 3 goals in the first 5 minutes of the last quarter. We were up 2 to 1. In those first 5 minutes the score changed to 2 to 4. I had to play those girls. Every girl plays ½ a game. SAY rules. I made some adjustments. We held them off and even got a goal back. We were on a drive to tie it up and had the other team beat when the final whistle blew. We lost. I now know to never put them together in the same positions at the same time.


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