end of summer …

I love this time of year. Weather is getting cooler. Kids are back in school. Soccer is in full swing. Fall festivals are coming. It’s getting closer to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are in the last days of 2007. Ready for a fresh beginning in January.

I got most of the engine dirt out from under my finger nails from last week’s car repairs. Only to find out that I’m probably going to have to work on it again this weekend to take care of another issue. The fan motor for the radiator is dead. I tested it when I pulled the radiator out. It didn’t run. It’s probably been dead for a while. Do I need it now that summer is over? No. Can it wait? Yes. Will I wait? Doubt it. I seriously think the water pump is in need of replacement as well. So that is going to go in as well. looks to be an easier job than the radiator. Parts total for the fan motor and pump? $80. Cost to have the water pump replaced by someone? $400. Cost for someone to replace the fan motor? $250. I’m saving another $570 by doing it myself. Did I mention I love my Haynes manual? 🙂

I’ve got one soccer game on Saturday and I have some tree work to do this weekend as well. So it looks like I’ll be really busy. Geez I better make a list of stuff to do ….

  1. Breakfast Saturday morning
  2. Soccer game
  3. Close pool
  4. Tree work
  5. Replace water pump and fan motor on Grand Am
  6. Work on garage
  7. Finish removing clutter from office area.

I think that about covers it. Some I can work on before the weekend. I can start the pool processes tonight. I need to get a winter cover first. It makes no sense to close it without the cover. I’ll have to detail the closing process and put it up here with the pool liner replacement instructions.


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