Pool closing

It may seem like a daunting task. And some say the time you put into closing reduces the time to open in the spring. And from personal experience I can say it’s true.

I closed down my pool this week. I started on Tuesday by checking the balance of the water. pH was a little off so I corrected that. I ran the filter for 12 to make sure I had a good “mix” on the chemicals.

Wednesday evening I tested again and dropped in 2 three inch chlorine tablets to ramp up the chlorine level. Ran the filter 12 more hours.

Thursday I added my last two one pound packets of Blast ( Blast is a non-chlorine 100% Potassium Monopersulfate pool water shock treatment that destroys organic wastes) to the pool to kill off anything left living … 🙂 I let the filter run another 12 hours.

Friday I checked and the chlorine tablets were gone. I added 8 ounces of super algaecide to make sure I killed off any algae that might have survived the Blast treatment.

Saturday after our soccer game I added my last gallon of liquid chlorine to the pool (yes that’s a lot of chlorine, but it’s what I’ve figured out by trial and error and it works) and cleaned out any remaining debris from the pool. I put the skimmer cover on and plugged the return line. (I do not drain the pool below the skimmer. I use the access water in the spring to vacuum the pool to waste. Saves me money!!) I draped the return hose over the pool wall and let it pump back into the pool as I vacuumed. The vacuum hose plugs straight into the skimmer basket, so I draped that over the pool wall into the skimmer since I had already put the skimmer cover on. I pulled out the pool stairs and let the “Aqua Bug” vacuum the pool for a couple hours.

After the pool was clean I checked the chemicals one more time. Everything was balanced. It’s so important to make sure the pool is balanced when you close down. The better the condition of the water when you closed the cleaner the pool will be in the spring. With everything looking good I added the last chemical to the pool. Natural Chemistry’s Pool Magic +Phos Free Spring/Fall. I swear by their products. They make taking care of the pool sooooo much easier. I use their Pool Perfect +Phos Free all season long. It really does help keep the water fresh and clear.

With all the chemicals in and the floor clean I pulled the Aqua Bug and shut off the pump. I put my pool pillow in and centered it using nylon lines. I then put my new winter cover on (yep, I had to buy a new one this year) and anchored it. I then cleaned off the deck and locked the gate. Opened up the pump and drained it and lubed the motor and stored it for the winter in the shed. Disconnected all the hoses from it and the filter and stored them as well. I let the filter drain over night. Pulled the head off the filter and cleaned out any debris from the filter. I put a plastic baggie over the stand-pipe inside the filter and covered the filter with a trash bag and put a couple rubber bands around the filter neck and base to hold the trash bag in place. I leave the drain open all winter so any moisture inside has a place to go instead of freezing inside the filter and sand.

That’s it! Saturday took about 3 to 4 hours and perhaps an hour per day Tuesday through Friday. It’s really not that bad. I don’t know why I dread it so much. Perhaps because it signals the end of summer …


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