The Fed is at it again

Sigh … I’ve followed the metals market for years and made some money. I have yet to loose any. And I’m concerned about our economy. If you have any money invested in paper swap for gold and silver. The Fed cut interest rates. Sure that’s good for you and me. NOT! That half point is more than the market anticipated. Everyone was wanting a quarter point but a half is a bad signal. The Fed is worried about keeping the economy going and they felt a quarter point wouldn’t do the job. It would have been perfect. It would keep banks from loaning monies out to folks who shouldn’t be getting it. But a half point says “Hey, free money! If it’s not enough we’ll print more!” I am far from understanding the complexities of the economy. I am speaking from how I know it impacts me. And based on past experiences this smells of inflation. And its artificial. The Fed want inflation … they need to devalue the dollar. It makes it cheaper to “destroy” the billions they pumped into the economy when the news about the home loans hit weeks ago.

Perhaps the goal is to kill off the value of the dollar completely and switch us all to Euros. One world order .. one world currency .. one world religion .. it’s coming. Are you ready?

And if you have been following gold and silver (like I do) I’m sure you saw the jump I saw … gold jumped $8 from $715.80 to $725 and closed at $715 (currently at $722.20 6:30am). Silver climbed to $12.94 (currently at $12.97 6:30am)! If they can hold there positions, watch for gold to hit $800 and silver $15 in a matter of weeks.


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