Shadow’s continued recovery

I really felt bad about what happened with Shadow. I should have paid closer attention to her. I should have noticed her problems sooner. I knew she didn’t have fleas so I should have looked at what she was scratching and biting at sooner. But I didn’t. One thing I did that was a huge no-no was trust the companies that produce products for pets (and humans) a little too much. Never again! The K9 Advantix is gone and we have gone back to Frontline Plus. And to repel the mosquitoes (that was the only difference Advantix repels mosquitoes) we will use a shampoo/conditioner product that contains cedar and neem. Both are natural repellents for biting bugs. There are thousands of dogs using Advantix without reactions. It may just be her system was used to the Frontline and the Advantix clashed with what she’s used to. Vet said to watch when I apply the new Frontline for a reaction as well.

She’s doing great by the way. the rash is really cleared up and looking better. I did end up giving her a 25mg Benadryl tablet late yesterday. The Aveeno and the Hartz Hydrocortisone spray were not helping. After I gave it to her I watched like a hawk to make sure she was OK. Vet said it would take about 45 minutes to an hour to enter her system. About 50 minutes after I gave it to her she was just as content as could be sleeping on the couch. It did relieve the symptoms. After that she was fine all evening. I gave her another before bed and let her sleep with Wife and me. I worried but it appears for naught. She slept all night and did not have any itching. She got up with me this morning and was rather pleased with herself … after all she got to sleep all night with me.

It looks like she’s going to need a bath after having all that Aveeno and spray rubbed into her fur. You can see where I’ve applied it. I’ll wait though until we get through this problem and use a gentle shampoo and conditioner …

Am I nuts? She is just a dog after all ..


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