Things that I would like to share

When coaching soccer to a team of 16 girls, never, ever raise your hands above your head to catch shots on goal … you leave your groin unprotected.

Do those of you who cannot read appreciate Alphabet Soup? (If you are reading this … awww never mind)

Shadow doesn’t like it if you blow in her face or use a hair drier around her face, but she’ll stick her head out the car window …

Anyone driving on the road in front of me who is going slower than me is an idiot and should not be driving. Oh yeah, if you are driving on the road with me and going faster than me you are a maniac.

Oxy-clean commercials are funny. They really show you how to take stains, like blood, out of your t-shirts … but to be honest, if you have that much blood on your t-shirt I think getting the stain out would be the least of your worries.

I was using the Drive-UP ATM at my credit union last week and noticed they STILL have braille on the keypads.

The gas station where I stop to buy gasoline has signs up around the pumps and all under the pump shelter that warn you not to smoke or use your cell phone because they might cause a spark and could lead to a fire … yet they sell cigarettes, lighters and prepaid cell phone cards right inside the door.


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