I had a scare

Yep, I was scared! And not much scares me, but this did ..

Back at the end of June I had a “recurrent right inguinal hernia” repaired. Recovery was slower than anticipated. But by mid August I was given the “OK” to return to my exercise plan. But I kept feeling something poking me underneath my incision. Any physical exercise I did was greeted with what felt like pinching and poking. I called the surgeon and they say that was normal and for a 40+ year old patient I should not be pushing to get back into things so quickly. But I know MY body. It was ready. There was something wrong with my incision. As it healed up there was one spot that remained swollen and tender but wasn’t discolored .. until Tuesday. And the poking/pinching feeling was worse than usual. It was so bad I skipped my lifting at the Y. I did run a rough practice with D2’s team. I ran them hard and worked them hard on passing and moving the ball. Yes, I run with them and do the drills with them. Practice ended and I was hurting. I was certain I needed to see the surgeon. I figured I’d call Wednesday and get and appointment.

Well Wednesday, while at work, I was still feeling uncomfortable but way better. Then around 1pm and I went to the restroom … no bathroom jokes … Went to a stall dropped my jeans and shorts and started my business. I looked down at my shorts and literally had the crap scared outta me (had to put that one in 🙂 ). There were bloody spots all over my shorts. Several were rather big. I look for writing on the wall saying “Thanks for the kidney” or something like it … then check to make sure everything was still there … and that’s when I noticed my incision. The one little section that started looking red had burst open and bled out. There was a small hole, about the size of a BB. I check and poked and prodded it. I noticed a little white thing in the hole. I could not get it out with my fingers or TP so I squeezed it a little and it popped out and bled some more. I held a wad of TP on it and let it bleed. It stopped after a bit. I tried to find the white thing but I think it got caught up in the TP and went into the toilet. And then I realized the pinching/poking feeling was gone.

I called the surgeon and spoke with his nurse about it. She asked me to look if there was any discharge other than blood or a clear liquid. If it was pussy or yellowish … then I explained I was at work and to look while in my cube would not be a good thing. Basically she thinks there was something in the section of the incision that was trapped and a pocket of blood formed around it. The pressure in the incision was enough to pop it .. like a pimple she said .. and the blood was flowing to clean it out. I was told to wash it, keep it clean and dry. So I told my boss I was going to drop my jeans and shorts grab a Chlorox Wipe and clean the wound and allow some air to hit the incision … he suggested I go home to do that. I was kidding of course. When I did get home around 3pm, I did wash and clean the wound and let it air dry. The unevenness of the area has gone away. The coloration is better. I’m not bleeding. I don’t hurt. I’m not scared anymore either.


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