Shadow is better

ShadowThey have cute commercials and vets are selling their products. They must be good … right? Maybe so, but not for Shadow. We had a rough go of it last week after Shadow was treated with her first dose of K9 Advantix. We switched from Front-Line Plus. Front-Line Plus uses Fipronil (9.8%), S Methoprene (8.8%) to control/kill fleas and ticks. K9 Advantix uses Imidacloprid 1-6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl methyl-N-Nitro-2-imidazolidinimine (8.8%), Permethrin (44%) to repel mosquitoes and control/kill fleas and ticks. Totally different chemicals. Somthing in the switch caused a reaction. She had a rash up and down her back, everywhere I put the K9 Advantix. The vet seems to think it was the chemicals they use to repel the mosquitoes. It could be almost anything however. The vet swaped out the K9 Advantix for Front-Line Plus. He said to watch when we apply it to her .. she may have a reaction then as well … the switch between chemicals could be the cause.

If you are interested … I treated her with Aveeno Anti-Itch cream and a Hartz Hydocortisone spray and Benadryl tablets.

We have been itch free for over a week. And I cannot find a rash anywhere!


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