Bad dreams

I’ve had a lot of them lately. Weird ones … recurrent bad dreams are not good. I don’t wake up from them as frightened as I used to. But none the less they still scare me. I really dislike bad dreams. Especially when they include people I know and I dislike them more when they are about my kids or wife.

Sometimes during a bad dream I will wake up and then cannot get back to sleep. That’s happened twice this week. Both times the same dream woke me up. Last night was the 2nd time I dreamed this dream.

I don’t know about you, but I worry about the world my generation is going to hand off to the next. My generation is self-centered. And we are leaving a mess behind us. My fear is that my generation is the last to live better than the previous. There are so many things broken and wrong. And every bit of it falls to one sin … greed. Everything that is broken in society today to be traced back to one thing .. the want for more. The attitude that says “what I have is not enough”.

I’m still trying to sort out this dream. I troubles me deeply because it involves D2.


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