They come in different forms; base of the neck and up, in the temples, all-over-general-pain, migraines, sinus pressure, behind the eyes, in the ears, tension or stress headaches … then there are the hangover headaches, and then there are the headaches that really are really just an annoyance that are the worst.

Example: try to be a friend to someone who is needy. The more you help the worse it gets. The more they need. The more they need the whinier they get. Sometimes you need to just take a stand and tell them bug off! Chances are the person I’m writing about will never read this, but I won’t mention names. But for the sake of making things easy on me, the editor I’ll call this person Gerald (who names a kid Gerald now days?). Gerald is now a single dad. He has 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. Gerald has no family in the area, the mother of the kids is gone (they never married thinking their love was special and would last forever). He gets no child support except for when she works (when she’s not living off someone else).

Gerald is a conspiracy theorist and his paranoia puts mine to shame. He won’t let anyone drink tap water. They all drink bottled water. Gerald has a bottled water cooler in his house. But that’s not good enough, he filters it and then bottles it in his own 16.9oz bottles. OK .. maybe that’s extreme and I made that up, but if Gerald reads this he might think it’s a great idea. Gerald has had things happen to him that in no possible way could be explained other than someone is out to get him and he thinks it’s the mother of his kids. Honestly, she’s got better things to do than deal with him. I can understand why she took off. He can be high maintenance. He’s dated a couple women and ends up ruining every relationship he goes into. I’m surprised he even gets to a first date. Well not really he’s ok looking. He’s in pretty good shape but could stand to lose about 20 pounds. He had lasik eye surgery and doesn’t need glasses any more and he’s had his teeth fixed. He’s not balding. For 40 with 3 kids on his own he looks good. So I guess that is appealing … and any woman who hears he’s raising the kids instantly thinks that’s sweet, how great is that blah blah blah … then they date. Then they meet the kids. (His kids are great by the way. I’ve never been around better mannered kids. Mine could stand to learn something from them.) And that’s when it goes south. He stops trusting the women he’s dating. It’s almost like he’s putting them through tests to prove they like/love him. And it just gets silly. Eventually they leave and he’s a wreck and then points out all their flaws. He even accuses them of stealing things from his house once they are gone. It’s so strange. I don’t think he’s ever had a relationship with anyone he could feel comfortable with since the kids’ mom took off.

And unfortunately they don’t make a pill to make this headache go away ….


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