New phones

I am a Verizon Wireless customer. Have been for years and years and years. Since before D1 was born. Although back then they were called Cellular One, then AirTouch … then Verizon …

Verizon does this thing were they “give” you new phones every two years. Well it’s not really “give”. It is “free” if you pick the crappy “free” phones.

I spent a couple weeks researching phones and let my girls pick from the 3 phones I would recommend. My wife was a little disappointed my choices didn’t include the Motorola Razr V3m. After everything I read on it I was convinced it’s a PoC. And that’s after talking with 4 people I know who have them, 2 love it, 2 hate it. That 50% thing is not good enough for me.

My 3 phone choices were the LG VX9900 (the enV), the LG VX8350 or the LG VX8700. All 3 cost money and were not “free” phones. I would rather pay more upfront and get a better phone than take a freebie and have to hunt down a replacement when it falls apart or stops working.

The VX8350 was the best deal, with my corporate pricing plan I could get them for $20 each. I should have just said that was the phone we all got and that was it. But … with phones, they are a status symbol. And kids need to pick what they want to be “seen” with. I was told that just the fact they had their own phones wasn’t enough.

I had set a limit of $50 and told the kids they could pick what they wanted. D1 decided she wanted the LG VX8500 (the Chocolate Strawberry). D2 wanted the Orange enV. Well the enV was $119 and D2 had the cash to cover the difference. D1’s choice was $39 so we are cool with the phones. Wife and I were getting the VX8350. Then I went to Circuit City to “play” with our choices.

CC had the Chocolate Strawberry, but the sales rep said “Please, don’t buy it. It’s a PoC. It’s worse than the V3m.” I was stunned. She said to get the new version of the Chocolate. It fixes the problems with the old versions. I wasn’t aware there were different versions. It appears that LG got so many complaints with the VX8500 (original Chocolate) that they upgraded and fixed things with the VX8550. So I did more research. And she was right. So I talked it over with D1 and she was disappointed that she couldn’t get it in pink, but was ok with picking another color and getting the newer upgraded phone. It changed the price from $39 to $69. Wife said to cover the difference.

I went back to CC and checked out the new VX8550. Made some calls on it. Everything worked great. I also made calls with the XV8350 (they said I could … they weren’t my minutes πŸ™‚ ) and talked with several different people to make sure it sounded and felt good. I really liked the VX8350. It wasn’t the smalled or slimmest, but it felt good. And the sound was great. The test would be to drive through the trouble spots and see if it dropped calls like my VX6700 did. We have 30 days to test out so they should be good to go.

Then the sales rep hit me with this .. if I were to pick the green enV for my phone it would be $50 (the new every two plan) and I got a $50 rebate. And D2’s phone would be $129 AND I got a rebate of $50 for that phone as well so it becomes $79 … cool … D2 now only has to pay $19 … (have to be fair I covered the $69 for D1’s phone). Wife was please with the VX8350 … everyone was happy.

I got my new 2yr contract, signed it, told them to add the phones to my bill and I’d pay them off next month since my billing cycle just closed and I wouldn’t be getting a new bill until Nov 12th. πŸ™‚ So it’s like a free loan for 30 days.



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2 responses to “New phones

  1. Alicia

    I second the opinion on the original Chocolate…I have one and I hate it! I bet one of the things they did was widen the keypad.

  2. the keypad was nice, i didn’t feel comfortable with the sliding action. and it just didn’t fit my hand. the interface was cool and the vibration feedback when the touch buttons on the outside face are pressed was cool. the new touch wheel on the front is better. screen was big and bright and the menus worked perfectly. i think they did this one up right.

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