I’m always looking for ways to spend my money … but I don’t appreciate when others try to spend it for me.

I finished my day at work and got home in time to change and make it to the Y before the after-work crowd gets there. I finished up my 2 sets and got 10 minutes on the treadmill as a warm-up. I was on my way home and preparing to make the usual stop at Wal-Mart for milk, napkins and whatever other odds-n-ends and I get this text message to my phone “we’re at moms have flat tire need hero” … I called my wife back and asked how it happened. She said she didn’t know. Asked if she ran over something she said “no”. I asked again but this time said “are you sure?”. She said “I don’t know … I think so .. maybe ..” I say nothing and she continues “Yes, D1 did in the cemetery practicing driving”

Now I’m upset. Not because she hit something, not because she didn’t want to tell me they hit something, but because after they hit something they never stopped to check the condition of the tires. We went through this in 2003. Wife was driving through Centerville while a repaving project was taking place. The city had striped off the top layers of asphalt. This process leaves man-holes sticking up 3 or 4 inches. Wife hit one and blew out the rear passenger tire. She didn’t think it blew out the tire. Why? because the road surface was so rough it didn’t feel any worse than before it blew out. It wasn’t until she was on good pavement that she noticed there was a problem. She never got out to look at it. She kept driving. It kept getting worse. She called me from her cellphone and asked what to do. I said pull off the road and look at the tires and call me back. 10 minutes later she calls back. She continued to drive to the store and tells me the rear passenger tire is flat and has holes in it. I had to buy a new tire and rim. $400 please.

You would think that would be a learning opportunity. I thought she would have taken away something from that experience. Then I remembered … she took my car and finished her errands and left me to replace the tire …

This time I didn’t have to buy rims. Just tires …. and road hazzard insurance. $250 please. Thank you.

So yeah .. I’m pissed. Not because they hit something, but because they drove on the tires without checking them. And had they checked them and called me before leaving the cemetery I could have talked wife through using the “Fix a Flat” and prevented damage to the tires. She would have been able to drive home and not ridden on flats. I would have been able to have them patched. Instead .. replacement were needed.

And once again .. my car which still needs tires won’t be getting them.


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