FrontLine Plus

About 2 months ago I tried switching Shadow (my German Shepherd Dog) from FrontLine Plus to K9 Advantix. I wrote about the reaction she had to the treatment. I was really very hesitant to even go back to the FrontLine for fear of her breaking out again. I treated her 2 weeks ago with the FrontLine and we have not seen a single problem. We are staying with FrontLine Plus and that’s that.

I worried myself sick over the reaction she had. It was awful. Every place I had put the Advantix on her she had a huge rash. And it was bad. Our treatment worked well. It boiled down to this: one Benadryl tablet (not the capsule) every 6 hours. The vet said she could have up to 2 but I played it safe and gave her one, a topical anti-itch cream made by Aveeno and Hartz had a cortisone anti itch spray. The cream was put on twice a day and I think we only used the spray 2 or 3 times.

I prepared for the worst and had a tube of the Aveeno Max Strength Anti-Itch cream, a fresh box of Benadryl and had the bottle of spray. I have been watching Shadow like a hawk for any signs of a rash after the FrontLine treatment and we have seen nothing!

Our Vet is really cool. Josh swapped out the Advantix I bought from him for a box of the FrontLine Plus. And he felt bad about her rash and gave me 3 more months supply on top of the swap. I’m set until next summer! Thanks Josh!

Now I just need to find someone to teach me the ways of BARF ….


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2 responses to “FrontLine Plus

  1. Great story. Glad you found a solution. Hey, who’s your vet? Nice guy to do that for you.

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