Auto repairs .. again

let’s see .. it’s been a rather interesting year when it comes to automotive expenses. the grand am has had new front calipers, new brake lines, new drums, new brake pads and shoes, new battery, radiator replacement, new tires are going on today and on my way in to work the power steering pump gave up the ghost. priced out the power steering pump to be between $65 and $90 depending on the exact one i need. i’m hoping $65 but planning on $90. i’m guessing that the serpentine belt will need to be replace now as well since it is rubbing the pump mount. i should be able to get it to Sam’s Club to get the tires on then home. i’m heading out of town tomorrow and i’m not even going to think about replacing the pump until i get back on sunday. i have a one vacation day left unscheduled. i think i now know how to spend it. πŸ™‚

i’m not whining or complaining. i’m actually impressed that all the work (minus the tires) was performed by me. i might have $250 tied up in parts, but the labor savings is huge. i saved $400 by replacing my own radiator. i saved at least $300 doing the brakes myself. i’m not sure the cost of replacing the power steering pump. i’m guessing $200 but it could be higher.

if i only had the ability to mount and balance my own tires i could save $48 …


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  1. made it to Sam’s .. got my tires on. $318 total. 6 months same as cash. yeah me!

    called around town .. $200 for someone to replace the power steering pump and another $20 for the serpentine belt. so about $240 after taxes … the pump is $88. so $140 in labor and fees … read my Haynes manual and it looks likes a 30 minute job. i’m doing it myself …………………… on monday πŸ™‚

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