Home again, home again …

We left home on Thursday morning just a little after 8am. We hit the rush through Cincinnati and lost about 25 minutes. We stopped at Cracker Barrel in London, Ky for lunch. We made it to Gatlinburg by 2:30pm.

We unpacked and settled into the room. And took a nap for about an hour …

Grabbed my Jigglin George and took off to the store in Gatlinburg. Dropped it off and told John I’d pick it up later in the weekend. He said it would be fixed in about twenty minutes. I stopped by to pick it up after dinner. All it needed was a new timer switch. Speaking of dinner, the food was fantastic. We ate at The Smoky Mountain Brewery on Thursday and Saturday evenings. We ate at Calhoun’s on Friday. We tried to get into the Cherokee Grill on Saturday but the wait was an hour and ten to an hour and twenty. I don’t care who is cooking what .. nothing is worth waiting that long, nothing.

Our weather was perfect!! Mostly sunny and in the 60s every day! Nights were a bit brisk lower 40s and 30s. Our room was cozy. The sex was great! Needless to say we really enjoyed not having kids or family or the dog around. 😀

I am pretty certain I had a sinus infection before leaving home … the trip through the mountains confirmed it. The trip home made it even worse. I need to get in to the Dr. and start treatments. Trying to get into the Dr. today.

But now I’m back home … and back to the grind. I have to get to the Dr, get my car fixed (doing it myself), supervise/monitor twelve 6th grade girls after school for and hour, get back to eating properly and try to hit the treadmill.

I did run on my vacation every day but not like I would have if I had been home. Running on pavement is hard. BUT I had my JG in the hotel room so it made things easier on me.


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