Yep .. furkid. Shadow is my furkid. I’ve been told that when you pick a dog and bring them to the home they will bond with one person. Shadow is my dog. No ands ifs or buts about it. She has bonded to me.

I can’t go anywhere around the house without her checking up on me, following me or just being “my Shadow”. My girls could be upstairs in the kitchen eating burgers and I could be downstairs working on the computer with no food at all and she would perfer to lay at my side or under my desk at my feet. It’s a trip.

We know each other too well. I know when she needs to go out without her going to the back door and ringing the bell. (Yes, I taught my dog to ring a bell when she needs to go out. I didn’t want her scratching the door or whining). I just know when she has to go. She knows me all to well. She seems to figure out when I am getting ready to run. Just last night she went nuts when I put on sweats and my running shoes. How she knows my street/trail running shoes (more heel support and cushioning) from my treadmill running shoes (light weight, medium support and less cushioning) blows my mind. She knew I was going to run outside. She started to go crazy, flipping my arms with her nose as I tied my shoes and jumping off the bed and back. She was telling me she wanted to go too. So we went running together. Even if I just go work outside in the yard or just move from room to room she knows whether or not she gets to go with me. Even when she’s all comfy and cozy, she’ll get up only if she knows I’m not coming right back and she might get to go. If I’m coming right back she’ll stay put. Like I said, we know each other.

I bought some peanut butter M&Ms the other day. She knows where they are hidden and she listens for the bag to rustle. She loves the peanut butter centers. I can eat the shells and chocolate off and save her the peanut butter. I can “spit” them from my mouth to hers from across the room and she catches them. She knows when I get chocolate off the centers and starts to anticipate the catch … it’s the funniest thing to watch.


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