I have got to learn when to shut up

I was off work Friday. I am trying to use up my vacation time before the end of the year. I had big plans. Huge plans! I wanted to get tons of stuff done. I wanted to clean my garage, my shed, my computer area … I wanted to run and clean up my leaves and get Shadow groomed. I didn’t get any of it done. None of it.

It all went wrong when I slept in until 6:30. I should have gotten up at my usual time. But I figured hey .. free day .. sleep in a bit. That’s the first mistake. That threw everything off the rest of the day. Wife had other plans and since I wasn’t into my plans that meant I was free.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with Wife. But gosh darnit I had plans!

We ended up having to go to Wife’s parent’s to figure out why the lights on their Christmas tree stopped working. 1500 lights on a 12 foot tree is a ton of lights. According to the tags on the cords that’s 15 Amps total. They plugged them into a multi-outlet green indoor extension cord .. with fuses. That cord is rated for 5 Amps. The fuses melted. They were lucky the cord didn’t catch fire. And that is when I got to teach my wife and father in-law(FIL) how to read the information on the cords and told them that no more than 5 strands per cord. With the tree all decorated I had to fish 3 new cords up the center of the tree … there went my morning.

Wife and mother in-law(MIL) went to some church bazaar and I was back home to get started on my … wait .. what’s that .. *RING RING* “hello?”, I said .. it was wife. The bazaar was a bust and they were going to lunch. They were stopping by to pick up me and FIL. We were headed to Applebees .. then Lowes to pick up new cords to use NEXT year on their tree.

By now it’s 1:00pm .. kids are going to be home soon. I still have not gotten anything done. We got home and I made a dash for my garage, grabbed my gas can and took off to the BP station and bought gas for the mower. Got back hooked up the bagger attachment and cleaned up the leaves. Yeah! The yard was done! Finished breaking down the bagger and went to store it in the shed … and took the chance to clean out the shed. I installed the bike hooks and grabbed the bikes from the garage and put the bikes in the shed. I moved the snow blower to the garage and threw away a bunch of crap from the shed.

Wife got home and saw the progress and decided to help with the garage. I was leery … that would prevent me from throwing things away that needed to be pitched … and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Anything she thought she should keep or could not part with went into a pile. Everything else went into the trash cans. Then we sorted through the clothes. And that is when I learned that I have just got to keep my mouth shut. We made great strides! Got so much of it cleaned up. And the sticking point was clothes … from the early 90s that I said she’d probably not get back into … what I meant by that was they were out of style. She took it that she was to fat and would not fit into them again. In the back of my mind I thought hey that’s true too! And I said without thinking “That’s true but what I meant was …” and I didn’t get to finish before I noticed something flying past my head into the driveway … I knew I was in trouble. She helped me finish. We got through 60% of the stuff there before we had to quit.

And things would have been OK if I had just kept my mouth shut.

To be continued ….


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