I have got to learn when to shut up .. Part 2

On Saturday Wife and I had moved some decoration from the attic to the garage. She brought in one of the smaller trees and set it up in the family room. She had moved the table by the fireplace and was in the process of decorating the tree and I was sitting at the computer watching. She started to back up and still feeling playful from yesterday’s garage cleaning I made the truck backing up beeping sound just loud enough to barely be audible … you know … the one I’m talking about … when suddenly there was a crash … she had backing into the table and knocked everything off of it … next thing I know there was an ornament flying towards my head …

I seriously thought “there is no way she heard me make that noise” .. but she did. The crash only resulted in a broken picture frame. And I said “It could have been worse …  ” and I didn’t finish the thought. I was learning. But I was too late. WHACK! I got hit in the head with toy.

I think I’m learning to just keep my mouth shut …

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