First snow

It’s snowing right now. Pretty heavily in fact.

What amazes me is how bad people drive in bad weather. Yep .. bad people. If you don’t know how to drive in bad weather stay home. Do the rest of us, who do know how to drive, a favor and stay off the roads. Last thing I want to do is follow your stupid ass down the road while you are talking on a cell phone and taking up both lanes. At least get a headset so you have both hands free to drive with.

I made the mistake of stopping at the grocery store on my way home yesterday. I didn’t get out Sunday to do our shopping, Monday I had to rush home to play study hall monitor for D2’s basketball team (instead of riding the bus home and getting changed and going back to school I “volunteered” to have a 50 minute study hall after school for eleven 6th grade girls before they have practice at 3:30). So stopping yesterday seemed like the best option. WRONG! You would have thought the end of the world was coming. I didn’t realize why the milk was almost gone from my local Stupendous Wally-Mart until I got to the bread aisle. And then I realized people thing they are going to be snow bound for weeks … Did no one pay attention to the weather report? This stuff will be gone by Friday. It’s only supposed to snow 4″. That’s it! But you’d think the perfect storm has hit.

Here’s what I noticed was gone from Wally-Mart; Milk, eggs, margarine, bread, soda (pop), frozen pizzas, Saf-T-Salt, beer, canned soups were low, could not find a box of Ritz crackers (what’s up with that?) and snow shovels. This one puzzles me, what happened to the shovel you bought last year? I have the same shovel I bought in 1990. It still works great. It’s a heavy metal one with a wooden handle. The metal blade (not aluminum, this one is heavy steel) is a little worn, but every fall I pull it out, run a file across the edge and knock down the burrs on it then spray it down with cooking spray. Yes, cooking spray. It lets the snow slide right off the shovel. Where is your shovel from last year? But then I remember .. we are a disposable society. My guess is you bought a crappy shovel and it broke last year. So this year you are buying another crappy shovel. Why not buy a real one, one that will last several years? Oh yeah … because that means you would have to take care of it. And taking care of things is a lost art.

My wife’s family marvels at the fact that I still have the same lawn mower I bought in 1991 and it still starts on the first pull. What they don’t realize is the decisions made about the mower. Buy one with enough horsepower to get the job done with out straining the motor. Never buy self-propelled, push it and get some exercise. I bought 2 blades when I bought it. And those blades get rotated into service every year. I keep them sharp and ready to use. I change the oil 2 or 3 times a season. I wash the caked on grass from under the deck and dry it .. then spray it down with WD-40 (prevents rusting during the winter). I buy things that I know will hold up. And I take care of them. And they long outlast their expected lifetimes. My push mower final gave up the ghost this year. It was sad to see it go. But it served me 16 years with never a problem. My snow shovel will probably out last my snow shoveling days. Or maybe it won’t .. now that I’m taking better care of me .. 🙂



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2 responses to “First snow

  1. ABJ

    I agree taking care of things is a lost art. I don’t see how some people can buy new things every year. Things that are not meant to be thrown away every year. I see people who buy new laptops (laptops!!) every 1 or 2 years because the hard disk crashed on them, the LCD died, etc. Whilst I also know people who can manage to take care of their laptops for a good 4 or 5 years with it still going strong (with a few movable parts needing a change or two of course).

    A friend of mine would always comment how its always the people using the things that mattered instead of the item itself, and its probably true. I have a hi-fi that’s been with me ever since I was a kid. One of those ancient ones Sony ones with a FM Radio, CD player and Casette Tape player. None of those nifty gadget add ons like MD players or where you can pop in a CD of MP3 files. But its served me well. I’m 24 now so the thing must be like at least 16 years old. It’s been turned on everyday for the past 16 odd years and is still in good condition.

    Actually, I don’t know what the point of my comment was, apart from agreeing with you that people don’t take care of things as well as they used to.

    Maybe its just an ode to my Hi-Fi set. =)

  2. Speaking of old steros … I still have the JVC R-S33 Stereo Receiver I bought when I was 16. I saved up the $300 for the receiver and another $200 for speakers. The speakers finally died a couple years ago and I had to buy new ones. But the receiver still looks great and is used all the time.

    I lost focus on this post .. it was supposed to be about the first snow but I ended up talking about the “Art of caring for things”.

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