Passing things on

D2 has kind of been a mini-me .. if I had been a girl .. or if she had been a boy ..

We have so many interests that are the same. We love music (all types). I played soccer and basketball. She’s playing soccer and basketball. She loves the outdoors. Ditto for me. She has a general interest in how things work. She takes things apart like I used to. We play the same video games. She helps me work on our cars. Wants to learn how to cut grass/run the weed eater/run the snow blower/shoot guns and the recent one that made me smile the most is she wants to learn how to take pictures.

I have a Pentax ZX-50. Rather I had one. I gave it to her. She’s wanted a film camera for a while. Instead of buying some crappy point and shoot 35mm I gave her the Pentax. Since getting my Canon Elan 7e and Digital Rebel XTi I’ve not touched the Pentax. Not sure why. I still love that camera. It was so easy to learn on and is rock solid. I was glad to pass it on to her. We are going to have to setup some time to “teach” her how to use the camera. But she learns the way I do … by just doing. And she’s already taken 3 rolls of film. We are taking them to be developed this weekend. Once she uses up all the color film we will move into B&W and we can develop that at home. I may just have to get a better film scanner and show her Photoshop … 🙂  My photography teach said “The difference between a good photographer and a hack is the good photographer know which photos to show.” I hope she has the “eye” to pick out the good photos.

Now I just wish one of my girls will take on my love for clocks and watches .. I’ve been wanting to buy or better yet build a Grandfather Clock. 🙂 I’m hoping it would be D1 .. we don’t really have anything in common. Other than the fact that we never really fit in with our peers.


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