2007 is almost over

… and what have I accomplished for the year?

I’m not talking silly like personal things like cleaning the garage (never happened by the way) ..

I’m talking about the things that matter ..

Did I lead anyone to Christ? Did anyone look at me and see Christ in me? If it came down to it, and Jesus showed back up today would he look at me and say “I don’t know you …” because of my actions this past year? More than likely he would. I had started out wanting to read the Bible in a year .. not gonna happen.

I did reach my initial weight loss goal .. I made it to 225 pounds. I set a new goal to reach by the end of the year. 210. Have not made it. I’ve actually gained weight the last 4 weeks. My lowest weight to date is 218. 71 pounds lost. But I’m back up to 222. But I started back to exercising this week. The death in our family really wrecked my routine. But it’s time to put things back on track and finish out the year. I want to end it at my low of 218. I think I can make that. That’s 11 days to drop 4 pounds. I can do that.

I really let my quiet time, bible study and prayer life slip starting in May .. I didn’t really pick things back up until October. Then I really dug in to find meaning in death in November to share with Wife and D1. So that’s returning.

I’ve not been very charitable this year either. I’ve not done much volunteering either. I’ve been rather cheap and I’m not proud of it.

So the last few days have been reflective. I’m gearing up to make changes next year. We’ll just see how that goes.


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