When was the last time …

you threw away something you had been hanging on to something you thought you might need some day?

That’s me now .. today .. tomorrow .. for the next 2 months.

I need to get rid of clutter and crap! I have been owned by my possessions longer than I care to admit. And it’s time to clean house and get rid of things. Example: Solaris 6.0 Systems Administrator’s Guide (second edition) … I don’t even have a machine running Solaris on my house. I used to .. but it was sold 4 years ago. And it was running Solaris 8 … so why keep the manual? It’s gone. Here’s another one .. I have an Othello board game from when I was a kid. There are pieces missing and to be honest, I’ve lived in my house almost 19 years … I’ve not gotten it out of the cabinet in those 19 years .. it’s gone. I have NICs for a PC .. they are ISA cards .. I don’t own a PC with ISA slots anymore. Outta here! My fat clothes .. why keep them? I’m not planning to get back into them any time soon. Gone!

I was a pack-rat. Not a really bad one, but bad enough to accumulate tons of crap. And my crap is collecting dust! So all of it needs to go. And it’s frustrating.



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2 responses to “When was the last time …

  1. Alicia

    It’s not frustrating, it’s liberating!!

  2. what’s frustrating is the amount of crap we have managed to collect as a family! it’s great being able to throw things away! i’m loving that!

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