I feel sorry for my trash guy

Well, it’s started. The clean-up and clean-out of my home. We started last week on Tuesday. Started with the smallest room, the master bath. Wallpaper has been removed, walls patched and sanded, primed and painted. New baseboards, toilet tank rebuilt, new mirror installed and new shelf and toilet paper holder hung. New outlets switches and covers.

Master bedroom has had the wallpaper stripped, walls patched, sanded, primed and painted with the first coat. Second goes on today. Ceilings and closets have been painted as well. New outlets and switches are installed as well. Our bed used to be a waterbed but I couldn’t stand it any longer so we replaced the mattress about 8 years ago. We broke down the waterbed frame and hauled it to the curb. Right now the mattress is on the floor. But that’s ok .. it’s like camping out. 🙂  Our kids have had to deal with the mess because we emptied our closets into their rooms for now. Once the 2nd coat of paint goes in the closets I can put the organizers back in and move things back into them.

Part of this whole process invoved throwing away things … and it was amazing the amount of things we stored in our closets .. and drawers .. and shelves .. I’m hoping there isn’t a trash bag limit. 🙂 If there is I probably exceeded it with all the junk and the remodeling trash! We donated 8 trash bags full of clothes from my wife’s closet, drawers and shelves. I asked why Wife was keeping them and she said when she loses weight this year she’d be able to wear them .. and that’s when I found out how hord she could throw a hairbrush … I said “By then they’ll be out of style … ” And what I meant by that was the clothes were already approaching 8 or 9 years old ..  but before I could clarify my statement I saw the hairbrush flying across the room then heard the sonic boom. Not sure if that was the sound of it hitting the wall or if she actually threw it fast enough to break the sound barrier …


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