What is up with this country

When will we wake up from the slumber we are in and realize that we have given away the keys to the kingdom? What will it take? I sat and listened to several people over the weekend who have bought into the neocon mind-control thought patterns. “We are safer than ever before thanks to George Bush and his administration” .. I was floored. We are only “safer” because we have fewer freedoms. Our government feels they need to protect us from ourselves.

And what’s up with the dollar? Could it get any worse? The dollar is like the peso … worthless … the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar. When was the last time that happened? Perhaps it’s time we look at things like the Liberty Dollar or some other instrument that is backed by gold and silver. The US dollar used to be backed by it. But ever since the Federal Reserve was put in charge of our Fiat Money system under Woodrow Wilson the value of the dollar has plummeted. The cost of a gallon of gasoline today at $3.09 is the same as it was 50 years ago .. based on gold or silver standards. So why does it “cost more”? The dollar is worthless (or worth less). Here’s a great article that explains why you and I need to buy gold and silver every time the Fed cranks up the printing presses ….

By the way …  last year at this time gold was selling for $627 an ounce and silver was at $12.54 … today gold is sitting at $860 and silver is at $15.54 … 37% increase in gold for 1 year and 24% for silver. Are you watching? Look for gold to climb with this current downturn in the stock markets world wide. Now is a scary time.


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2 responses to “What is up with this country

  1. Alicia

    I’ve been wondering when you’d update us on gold with this nice run-up. I’m sure it isn’t over yet…

  2. i thought about preaching more about it .. but people don’t really understand how bad things can get if this fiat money system collapses! gold and silver are “real” monies. And “real” money never deflates. I found a comparison somewhere that if you bought a gallon of gas 50 years ago and paid in real silver you would be paying the same today in real silver. It’s not the price of the oil .. it’s the worth less dollar.

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