Clean-out update

We have been busting butt with the great clean-out! It’s kept me busy! We started down this road of cleaning out the clutter. We are simplifying and renewing and cleaning as we go.

We started in the master bathroom. It’s a small room .. 5’x5′. We removed the wallpaper, removed the trim, replaced the mirror, I rebuilt the toilet, patched the walls, sanded and primed everything, painted, put it all back together. I showed Wife how to steam clean the tiles and grout. Recycled some fixtures and adding some decorating touches. Finished in a week. It looked so good we decided to continue the work.

We decided to moved on to the master bedroom. Removed the wallpaper and chair-rail. I rebuilt one closet with an organizer system. Patched walls, primed everything and painted. Including ceilings and closets. We hung new blinds and I added decorative trim around the ceiling fan. It really dressed out the fan!

Next we tackled the linen closet and cleaned out old sheet sets, blankets and towels. I now have a year’s supply of rags! đŸ™‚ I pulled all the shelves out and painted the walls, ceilings, the door and shelves. Put it all back together and decided we should keep going. We then removed the boarder that went all through the living room and hallway. Everything got scrubbed, patched, sanded, primed and painted as well. At this point we decided to rent a storage facility to move things into as we worked on the house. We just didn’t have room to keep it all there as we worked. My father in-law and I moved out everything we boxed up and all the furniture that was in the way.

I decided to replace all the switches and plugs in the master bath and bedrooms, the hallway and the living room. I even put in new switch plates and outlet covers. It really dressed out the room. We got it all put back together and decided to do the kitchen as well. Down came the wallpaper and chair-rail.

But this room is taking the longest. The walls behind the paper were in bad shape. The paper was only coming off in two inch wide strips … and everything needed primed. Including the ceiling. We started a week ago and we are still working on it. We have two walls finished, and I am still repairing drywall on the wall above the counters and behind the fridge. Apparently when we papered those walls 15 years ago we didn’t care what the walls looked liked underneath the paper. But since we decided to paint … there is a bunch of work to do. On top of all that work we decided to repaint the cabinets as well. So all the doors have been removed, cleaned, scraped, sanded, patched and sanded again and prepared for painting. My wife’s uncle is an auto-body guy and he is going to paint all the doors and drawers for me. So they will have an ultrasmooth factory like finish. I found a premium ($45 per gallon) self-leveling cabinet paint that will provide a smooth finish with a brush or roller. If there was a way to paint the cabinets with the sprayer I’d do that instead of a brush … but from what I understand that spray kinda goes everywhere.


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