Have you been buying your silver and gold?

If you have not been listening to me you have lost out. Well, not really. There is still time …

3 years ago I started telling family and friends they needed to be buying gold and silver. Since then gold has gone from just over $420 to $933 on Feb 1 (closing price in London). That is a whooping 122% increase in just 3 years. In the last 60 days alone gold went from $787 to $933 … in 60 days it went up almost 19%. Silver went from $6.50 to $16.78 … that is about 130% increase. There is trouble brewing. And people have be silently moving money into gold. At this point I still recommend a buy for both gold or silver. But to be honest I think we are close to a peak then a drop in gold. I’m thinking a peak of $1100 to $1200 by June. And when gold hits the $1000 mark expect it to make the news. I’m surprised it didn’t hit the $1000 mark in December. But we are no where near the high in the 1980’s. If you adjust the peak price in 1980 was around $800 per ounce, that price per ounce in today’s dollars is $2176. Staggering isn’t it?  The 1980 dollar was worth that much more … and we thought things are bad today … things were much worse then.

And silver is performing equally as well! A year ago silver was selling for $11.40 … today $16.87!!  That is a 47% increase in 1 year!  Gold didn’t perform  Last year gold was $637.60 and the close of $926 (US close) only equals 45%. So they are marching in a lock step. If you can’t afford gold (like me right now) buy silver (like me). Silver has the best chances to run away as gold approaches the $1000 mark.

I’m not a financial planner, just a pessimist when it comes to the US stock market and the fiat money system it is based on. Silver and Gold are real monies … you should own them. These are my opinions. And opinions are like a**holes .. everyone has one. So take it for what it is …. an opinion.


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