Best friends

I have had 7 maybe 8 best friends so far. And they only seem to last a season (not talking spring or summer … talking for a part of my life).

Elementary school I had two best friends, Jim and Charles (yes he went by Charles). That lasted from 2nd grade through 6th grade. The three of us were together all the time. In sixth grade I met J (yes his name was just the letter J ….). We were “Mutt and Jeff” according to our teachers … I was approaching 6 foot and J was like 4′ 10″. We did everything together throughout middle school and into high school. By the time I was Junior J and I had drifted apart. And I met Jeff. Jeff and I were a pair or troublemakers. The good kind. We looked rough but we were the nicest young men you’d ever meet. You didn’t see one without the other. Jeff went to Fairmont and I went to Centerville. School rivals in everything. But we found that lighting up a bong, listening to heavy metal and making fun of fat girls was more than enough to overcome the “rivals” thing. It’s not like we cared about our schools. We were social “outcasts”. We didn’t fit in with the jocks, or the band fag or the preps … freaks or partyers were more our group, but not really. We met working on computers .. so we were the dope smoking nerds. Jeff hung around for about a year after graduation then joined the army and was never heard of again.

After HS graduation I was going to college at Sinclair (local community college) and just drifting. I worked at a movie theater as a projectionist and met Bruce. Bruce and I hit it off. Similar interests. We had both just broken up with our girlfriends. Bruce went to Wright-State and I was at Sinclair. Bruce was as close as a brother. We met Jim (different Jim) and started hang out together. The three of us had a ball, but Bruce was by far closer. He was even the best-man at my wedding. About a year after I got married Bruce took off to Chicago. We stayed in touch for a while but drifted … Jim and I hung out for a long time. We made it through his divorce and through the worst part of my marriage. He helped me get through it and helped me put my marriage back together. But we drifted as well. He got re-married and moved towards Cincinnati. We just didn’t have time …

My wife became my best friend after our rough spot. And to be honest she should have been my best friend all along. The important thing is she is my best friend now.

Wellllll …. kinda …. Shadow is offering Wife some competition. Shadow is always so happy to see me. Sticks to me like glue and loves to be around me. She listens and does what she’s told .. 99% of the time, she loves to run with me. We like the same foods. Her feet aren’t cold … well if they are I wouldn’t know because she sleeps on top of the covers. She lets me watch whatever I want to watch on TV. She doesn’t complain if I’m late. She loves when I leave my dirty sock or underwear on the floor in the bedroom. She’s thrilled to run errands with me and loves to be outdoors. We are perfect for each other. We are best of friends. After my wife of course … 🙂


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